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What's The Trick DVD

Join Andrew Jeffrey and author Rob Eastaway as they present a live show to KS3 pupils in Greenwich Theatre.

A four-camera professional production, this is high-quality maths presenting at its best, and a resource you will use with your classes again and again. As one of the presenters, Andrew is permitted to sell these at a discount - just 11 including P+P.

Hosted by Matt Parker, a.k.a. the stand-up mathematician, the DVD also features a fascinating Q+A session with Rob and Andrew as a bonus.

In 'Games with a twist, Rob plays a series of entertaining and unusual games with teenagers to show how maths can give you the edge when it comes to strategy and winning money.

In 'Mathematical Magic', Andrew Jeffrey demonstrates five amazing magic tricks that feature calculators, some rope, and the trick that fooled Einstein, and explains the simple algebra behind them.

Price: 11.00

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Maths at the Drop of a Hat

If you ever need to plan a great maths lesson in a hurry, this book is the one for you! With 22 great ideas for children in key stages 1 to 3, Maths at the drop of a hat contains everything you need to plan quickly but effectively. There are 3 sections - Maths with no visible resources, in which children literally need nothing other than themselves to carry out some highly imaginative mathematics; Maths with Pencil and Paper, where we grab a piece of paper and a pencil and quickly produce some very thought-provoking work; and finally maths with a few bits 'n' bobs, in which only resources readily found in the classroom are required.

So, armed with this book, the next time you suddenly have to cover a class, or get 10 minutes warning of an unannounced observation, or perhaps your class finish their work early, don't panic - as from now on, you will be able to produce a fabulous lesson - at the drop of a hat!

Full colour, A4, 36 pages, photographs throughout.

Price: 10.00 (Hardcopy)

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Cool, Calm and Calculators

Used well the calculator can be a fabulous tool for encouraging powerful independent learning. In this new book Andrew will show you 20 great ideas for using calculators with your classes. Suitable for use in key stages 2 and 3, this book contains ideas and activities to support place value, mental arithmetic, the four rules, decimals, and much more.

Furthermore, Cool Calm and Calculators is beautifully designed and professionally printed. It is written in Andrew's own easy-to-read style, mixing humour and serious insight. Children will very soon be looking forward to their calculator mathematics lessons!

Price: 5.00 (Hardcopy)

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Magic for Kids

This book is a one-of-a-kind. How would you like to learn 25 magic tricks from a professional magician who is also a teacher? Better still, how would you like to learn maths the fun way? This book can help! Magic For Kids (of all ages) is a clearly written, beautifully illustrated and professionally typeset publication. It includes Magic Maths, a huge range of mathematical tricks which both teach and entertain. The world of magic has never seen anything this before: this has been a labour of love for Andrew and he is sharing many of his favourite magic maths tricks for the first time.

Suitable for adults and children alike, there are 25 tricks with dice, cards, and good old pencil and paper. You won't need to go out and spend money on expensive props; just read through the pages and you will soon be amazing (and educating!) your friends at work and school.

See a sample page.

Price: 10.00

To pay by cheque click here.
A very special offer on this book is available for all UK schools; contact Andrew for details.

100 Top Tips for Top Maths Teachers

Would you like to inject new life and enthusiasm into your teaching?
Do you sometimes struggle for fresh, workable ideas?
How would you like your students to look genuinely excited when they realise it's time for your maths lesson?
Do you struggle to get your pupils to enjoy their learning?
Would you like to be excited at the thought of teaching your next maths lesson?

If you've mentally given any 'yes' answers, you probably need to read this book!

100 Top Tips has been twenty years in the making! It represents much of what Andrew Jeffrey has learnt in his career as a teacher of the greatest subject in the world! One of the first people to read it (the Head of Maths at a specialist secondary school in London) promptly bought ten licenses so his entire department could have a copy, and declared that this book should be classified as essential required reading for all new and experienced teachers of mathematics alike! Depending on the size of your school, a license for each maths teacher in your school could cost less than a good meal out for two!

Price for hardcopy: 6.50

To pay by cheque click here.

Top Twenty Maths Displays

This book will help you to come up with many ways to brighten up your classroom, while giving your class the chance to learn some mathematics at the same time.

A stimulating environment is one of the three keys to a great maths lesson, and this book will give you lots of pointers towards achieving precisely that!

Here are some of the comments from teachers who have read this book:
"I think that this is a fantastic book containing some inspiring ideas for both existing and aspiring teachers"
"Your book looks superb and very, very helpful. Lots of lovely ideas together. A good source of useful display ideas."
"Really good ideas, which seem do-able, even with the lack of time we all suffer from!"
"These are great - I can't wait to try them out! Love the interactive ideas."
"I particularly liked number 9 - so obvious, in a way, once you've seen it, but I hadn't thought of it!"
"You are really starting to get a name for yourself for quality and usefulness.?"

Price for hardcopy: 5.00

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I Wish I'd Said That!
A beautiful set of 40 laminated A4 posters, each with a quotation, available as either a download or on a CD, and an information pack about the quoted folk, which will be included with both formats. The full package contains
The 40 A4 posters, each individually laminated
A set of teachers notes, giving ideas about effective ways to use the posters
Brief biographies of the famous (and not so famous) quoted men and women

Price is 40.00
20.00 for the CD only

To pay by cheque click here.

Maths Day in a Box
Click for larger image.
You are about to discover one of the best value-for-money purchases you may ever make from your school's maths budget. And what's more, yet again it just got significantly cheaper!! Now a small fraction of the price of the original customised version but with exactly the same amount of information!

Please don't confuse cost with value. The aim in selling Maths Day in a Box at such a low price is to ensure that it gets into as many schools as possible.

Also, if this package were to be sold at a higher, more realistic price, I would run the risk of having the product 'ripped off' by people who did not want to pay for it?

Why do I claim that this product is worth so much more than its asking price?

Anyone who has ever organised a whole school maths day knows how much work goes into it.
For a start, there are the hours dreaming up and planning suitable activities. Then there is the time spent going round all the teachers persuading, explaining and supporting. Finally, there are the hours spent actually delivering instructions and carrying out activities.

Also, if you do decide to invite other schools to participate (and after reading the manual, you'll learn why this is such a great idea), there are the hours spent writing letters, keeping track of the participants, not to mention feedback forms and certificates.

All this before you have even begun to think about the questions for the maths relay!

A conservative estimate on all of the above would be around 30 hours work, freely given up by teachers. Costing a teacher's time at around 10 per hour, this is about 100 worth of your precious time. But relax; what if this was all available to you for less than one tenth of that figure? That's right, you'll be paying a mere fraction of that?

What if all of the above was already done for you by one of the country's leading maths advisors?

Well now it is; everything you need to deliver the perfect maths day is contained within this package: yes, EVERYTHING! (You will only need to provide basic stationery and maths equipment, as the resources in this manual are all paper and CD-based.)

Is it any wonder that busy heads and maths coordinators see this as a great value package?!

Just look at what's included in Maths Day in a Box:

    A comprehensive manual now in .pdf format, detailing specific activities, each targeted at a Year Group of Nursery, Foundations Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, all with learning intentions linked around a central theme
    Special Magical Assembly suggestions
    PowerPoint Presentation for a Maths Relay
    Sample letters in Word and .pdf format
    Most importantly of all, a step-by-step guide which takes you effortlessly through the whole process
    Sample Certificates in both Publisher and .pdf format
    Excel Spreadsheet for tracking progress of invited schools
    Excel Spreadsheet for marking the Maths Relay
    Sample Press Release and details of the ideal photo you can produce which the local press will love!

In short, Maths Day in a Box is the COMPLETE MATHS DAY PACKAGE!!

Everything, including for the first time the A4 Manual, comes on a CD-ROM. Not only will this save time, it will save stress, and a LOT of money!!

Most of all, you will learn the thinking behind WHY things work so well as outlined, so that after you have followed the system through once, you will be in a much better position to produce your own maths days in the future.

How many disappointing training days costing five to ten times the price of this package have you attended?

Wouldn't you rather buy a proven product which is guaranteed to save you time?

Remember, this incredibly low offer price includes a ring-binder which contains the exhaustive manual, and a CD-Rom with all necessary files, including photos, spreadsheets, the PowerPoint Maths Relay Questions, Answers and Score sheet, and letters, and even a surprise magical bonus from the author!

(Please note that this package does NOT include actual practical maths equipment; it is expected that schools will already own the equipment needed.)

'Maths Day in a Box' is for schools who wish to hold a great maths day (rather than just a good one) but don't have the time to know where to start. The manual takes you step by step right through the planning process, and includes a central theme, step-by-step guide, checklists, copyright-free letters, planning spreadsheets, ideas, posters, photographs and even a sample press release to help get some good publicity for your school!

The free CD contains copyright-free documents for schools to quickly amend and use themselves. It even includes a magic maths trick to do during assembly, and a foolproof way to get all the schools in your area involved!

New Price: Now an amazing 20, including postage.

And remember - there is a 100% guarantee on all my products!"

To pay by cheque click here.

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